About Me

I’m Wes Brown, currently serving as a Senior Lead Consultant for Catapult Systems.
Over the past decade or so I’ve been focused on enterprise systems and SQL Server in particular.

That isn’t to say that’s all I’ve ever done just the thing that has brought me to this point in my professional career.

I’ve also had the privilege to work with some outstanding companies and people along the way including Quest Software (litespeed product manager and SQL Server domain expert) and GoldenGate Software (SQL Server domain expert and professional services) that you may know as a database professional. Other companies like The SCOOTER Store (yes if they prequalify you, and you are turned down by Medicaid they will give you your scooter or power wheelchair) where I got to hone my SQL skills to a fine point.

Through all that I’m also active in the SQL Server community mostly on a local level running the Austin, TX PASS chapter CACTUSS http://www.cactuss.org for the last 5 years I think, time has a way of playing tricks on your memory.  I also started the San Antonio PASS chapter SALSSA http://www.salssa.com which is now in the capable hands of Jim Steiner.

I’m always finding out things about technology and SQL Server that make me go “WOW! I never knew that.” As I find them I’ll post them up there is a chance you may not remember or didn’t know it ether. These little mysteries are what drive my passion to learn more and share with others.

You can always reach me via email wes@sqlserverio.com or on twitter @SQLServerIO

  1. Hi Wes,

    Brad McGehee pointed me to your blog; what a great name for a blog! (The best I could think of was http://www.SQLPowerrack.com with 50TB DSI SSD storage).

    I started blogging about all the work I’ve done optimizing high end SQL & SSD storage over the lasts 16 months now I think, and published a lot of tips& tricks to increase SQL & SSIS throughput significantly. Maybe it’s of interest for you too?

  2. Wes,

    Good session last night on solid state drive technology. I also appreciated the advice related to the build out of our test environment.

    I had another hypothetical question for you but can’t seem to find your email, so drop me a line when you get a chance.


  3. Hello Wes,

    Is the Austin Sql Saturday scheuled on April 30 as published tentative date on site. Is there any other date finalized? I would like to attend it but I stay out of Austin so just wanted to confirm.


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