What #SQLFamily Means To Me

Meme Monday, What #SQLFamily means to me personally.

Tom LaRock Is kicking of November with this particular meme. I’m not sure exactly how to put something like this into words. It is so much more than SQL Server. I’ve made friends in this community that are as close as any friends I’ve made in my entire life.

I’ve seen total strangers step up to do whatever it takes to help out others when a personal crisis hits. I have never doubted anyone’s sincerity when it comes to the outpouring of emotion and support, during the good times and the bad.

We tend to be inclusive of others. We often forgive past mistakes and give second, third and fourth chances. We defend and protect our own, even if we are in the middle of busting one another up over something silly when threatened from the outside.

To me, Tom is #SQLFamily. We talk about life, inside and outside of the general community. I know if I called him and told him I needed a friend right now he would make time for me.

He isn’t the exception to the rule in our #SQLFamily, he exemplifies the norm.

Joseph Richberg is another example on the other end of the spectrum. I’ve been conversing with Joseph for years on twitter. We built up a relationship that was more than just SQL Server tidbits. When I met him for the first time this year at the Summit it was like seeing my brother after being away for a long time. Instant connection, a friendship that won’t soon fade.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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