So long, and thanks for all the fish.

It has been a month of changes for me and my family. First we lost a very close and dear friend. Next, we are taking in that friends daughter so she can start her education. That meant we needed to quit looking for a house and buy one, which we did. Now, I have decided to leave eScan Data Systems and pursue a new opportunity with Dell.

I am very grateful for my time at eScan. I made lots of friends. Learned new things, and helped the company manage the explosive growth it has seen in the last two years. I’m sure that some of the connections I made at eScan will be life long ones. Now, I’m joining Dell as a Database Administrator Consultant. I’ll be working on some of the largest and most complicated SQL Server deployments in the world. It will be a challenge. There will be new friends to make and new things to learn. One of my friends at eScan has said since day one that I was over qualified to be there. I disagree, it was the right place for me to be for eScan and for my personal life. It allowed me to balance my work life and home life much better than I had ever done before. It also allowed me to use my expertise in an environment that thrived on data at its core.

It has been a time of sad endings and new beginnings. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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  1. Congrats Wes. So, I can start to ask for the Wes discount?

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